Melinda French Gates and her daughters love Taylor Swift like the rest of us

A composite image of Taylor Swift performing and Melinda French Gates with her daughter Phoebe Gates.
Taylor Swift's newest album has already shattered streaming records.Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management/Rebecca Smeyne/WWD via Getty Images
  • Melinda French Gates and her daughter Phoebe Gates are apparent Swifties.

  • French Gates shared a video lip-synching Taylor Swift's single "Fortnight" with her daughter.

  • Both French Gates and Swift are among the rare class of female billionaires.

Billionaires supporting billionaires!

Melinda French Gates and her daughter Phoebe Gates appear to count themselves among Taylor Swift's huge fan base, evidenced by an Instagram video of the mother-daughter duo singing along to one of the pop star's newest songs.

"@phoebegates and I can't get enough of the new @taylorswift album...anyone else?!" Melinda Gates captioned the Wednesday video.

In the quick clip, the Gates women lip-synched "Fortnight," the lead single on Swift's most recent album, "The Tortured Poet's Department," which was released Friday.

The album has already shattered streaming and sales records as Swift's ever-growing obsessive fan base pores over her Easter egg-filled lyrics and music.

The singer shocked fans two hours after the album dropped by announcing that the much-anticipated 16-song collection was actually a double album replete with 31 new tracks.

Thanks to her record-breaking Eras Tour, Swift joined the rare ranks of female billionaires last year with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion. In April 2023, Forbes reported that there were only 337 female billionaires in the world.

Melinda French Gates, who cofounded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with her ex-husband, the Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, is worth $12.9 billion, according to Bloomberg.

The pair's younger daughter, Phoebe Gates, 21, reposted the video of her mother in an Instagram story on Wednesday, saying, "Did not know she was going to post this."

The couple's other daughter, Jennifer Gates, 27, reposted the video on her Instagram as well, saying, "Cutest (and I have FOMO)."

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