Melbourne Magpie Makes Its Pick on Whether Djokovic Should Play Australian Open

A Melbourne magpie made a prescient pick on whether Novak Djokovic should play the 2022 Australian Open amid a controversy over the player’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

Marcus Page posted a video on January 5 that shows a whiteboard writing “Djokovic play Oz Open” and putting meat in both “should” and “shouldn’t” square before he presents the board to a wild magpie in Melbourne.

The bird, named Trevor, walks around the board and picks the piece of meat in the answer of “shouldn’t.”

Trevor’s choice came ahead of the January 14 decision by Australia’s Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke, to cancel Djokovic’s visa.

Page told Storyful that Trevor was very clever and great with predictions. He said he felt Trevor picked well but the chick “has certainly stirred some controversy in the comment section of the TikTok app.” Credit: @critterchroniclesco via Storyful

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