Melaka landscape company gets orders online after creative fish pond in drain goes viral (VIDEO)

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, June 28 ― A landscaping and painting company in Melaka has received orders online after its creative fish pond in a drain went viral.

Viewed over a million times, the video posted four days ago shows some workers working on the drain as well as colourful koi fish adorned with pebbles in their new environment after it was completed.

Landscape company F.1.8. Empire's founder Mohamad Faqrul Anuar told Malay Mail that the company has designed fish ponds in drains ― but this is the first time that their video has gone viral.

“We have designed similar fish ponds in the drain but this particular customer in Melaka had more budget, so we could decorate it and make the fish pond look fancy.

“We were surprised that some of our TikTok followers requested for us to design something similar in their renovated home after the video went viral.

“Many messaged and commented on our video asking how the koi fish would survive in the drain with the rainy season while others feared that cats nearby might attack the fish.” He explained that the fish pond is connected to a decorative water fountain.

“And like most fountains, water is recirculated in a cycle.

“Excess water from the rainwater that flows in the drain enters a tap ― and that water is 'recycled' via the water fountain.

“So in a way, water from the drain water would never overflow.” Mohamad Faqrul explained that there is a second pipe in the drain that helps to drain out the water if owners want to clean their fish pond.

“The second pipe functions to drain out the water in the drain ― and this is when owners would have to shift their fish somewhere else for a while.

“There are also drain covers that we’re fixing to avoid any cats from coming near the fish pond.

“The customer also fixed a fence around the house keep cats away,” he said.

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