Megyn Kelly Uses Texas Mass Shooting to Shame Gun Control Activists: ‘You’ve Failed to Effect Change’

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Following the recent shooting in Allen, Texas, Megyn Kelly is adding to the growing concern regarding the skyrocketing number of mass shootings in the U.S., though in a different way — by shaming gun control activists for not preventing each and every incident of gun violence.

“Serious q for gun control advocates: you’ve failed to effect change,” Kelly wrote on Twitter Saturday. “Pls face it. You can’t do it, thx to the 2A. We’re all well aware you don’t like that fact, but fact it is. What’s next? Must we just stay here sad, concerned, lamenting? Could we possibly talk OTHER SOLUTIONS?”

In lieu of gun control, the former Fox News host suggested a myriad of other solutions that might decrease the prevalence of mass shootings, including mental health interventions — quipping that this would require something “real” and “not the BS we now do” — as well as “greater willingness to lock ppl up (w/protocols in place for civil libs) who are deemed to be threats [and] fortification of soft targets, coordination of media response to not lionize shooters.”

“We need a mental health facility that is secure (guards/locked down) but still humane enough that a loving parent would send her kid there, for one,” Kelly continued. “Right now parents who know they’re raising the next school shooter have next to no recourse.”

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The shooting, which took place at an outlet mall nearby Dallas on Saturday, killed at least eight people ages 5 to 61 and wounded at least seven others.

The SiriusXM host wasn’t the only right-leaning public figure making some far jumps as a result of the shooting, as GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson used the shooting as a way to discuss immigration when on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Sunday.

“This is a societal problem and, you know, trying to disarm law-abiding citizens is not going to be the answer, because I know that’s a big push right now,” the congressman from Texas said. “I tell you that we have some bad people in this country, and a lot of them are crossing our southern border. We have an issue in general where we have a culture of accountability and a culture of — there’s no responsibility.”

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The conversation started Saturday night:

And then it got pretty ugly.