Meghan McCain Criticizes Drew Barrymore For Kamala Harris Interview: “Have Some F***ing Respect”

Meghan McCain is not a fan of Drew Barrymore’s interviewing style and shared her thoughts about the viral interview with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

On the podcast Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat, the former View co-host reacted to the viral Drew Barrymore Show interview, in which the titular host had the VP as a guest.

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McCain said that watching Barrymore interview Harris got her “blood boiling” criticizing the proximity of the host and the vice president.

“I know that’s like Drew Barrymore’s thing but I think someone needs to talk to her, like, not everything is a therapy session and some of this stuff is not appropriate,” McCain said.

The political commentator recalled Barrymore interviewing Oprah Winfrey, where the host was seen “grabbing her hands.” McCain added, “These are people who deserve respect in all ways, including physically respecting their space.”

McCain would talk about the “Mamala” moment when Barrymore said the world needed someone maternal amid the chaos.

“This is the Vice President of the United States of America. This is the strongest country with the most robust military in world history. If, God forbid, something happens to President Biden, she is the woman who will be our commander in chief with the nuclear codes,” McCain said. “She’s also a highly educated woman, former prosecutor, former senator… Have some f***ing respect, Drew Barrymore.”

She continued, “I don’t like it. I know she probably didn’t have ill intentions, but her producers and whoever is working the show, if you’re going to interview people at this level, it is a privilege.”

McCain suggested that if Barrymorew wanted to “play in these kind of leagues,” she would “level up.”

The podcast host said she understands that Harris’ team wanted to humanize her, but doesn’t think this was the way to do it. McCain, who has been critical of Harris throughout her term as VP, said the interview helped side with her for once.

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