Megan Thee Stallion Teased New Music With Her Sexiest Photo Yet

From "Bongos" to "Cobra," Meg has thee range.

<p>Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV</p>

Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV

Hot Girl Coach Megan Thee Stallion (real name Megan Pete) is entering a new era — and, of course, she ushered in the news with an eye-catching photo that announced the impending arrival of "Cobra," which she simply described as "a story by Megan Thee Stallion." The rapper, who released her album Traumatize back in Aug. 2022 and "Bongos," a collab with Cardi B this past summer, is on her own now, dropping her label and working as an independent artist. "Cobra," which may be an album or a single — Meg hasn't shared much about the release aside from its Nov. 2 releaser date — is no longer under 1501 Certified Entertainment.

Meg shared an image to promote "Cobra" that showed her against a lush, green jungle backdrop wearing nothing but a tiny bikini that looked to be made of tree bark. She was dewy from head-to-toe and her hair was wet, too, falling down to her butt.

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Last week, Megan offered a teaser on her social media accounts, sharing clips with her and a snake and the words "Act 1."

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past, over and over again," she wrote on Instagram earlier this week in another teaser. The clip showed her with eyes like a snake and fangs (appropriate!). The video finished with, “A story by Megan Thee Stallion,” and “Directed by Douglas Bernardt.”

<p>Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV</p>

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV

Billboard reports that Meg is looking for a new label, but she also said that she’s “excited” to be releasing music on her own. “I don’t want to sign to a new label right now because I just want to do it myself," she said during an Instagram Live session. Meg had been embroiled in a yearlong lawsuit with 1501 Certified Entertainment and the two parties agreed to part ways.

“Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 Certified Entertainment are pleased to announce that they have mutually reached a confidential settlement to resolve their legal differences. As part of the arrangement, both parties have agreed to amicably part ways,” a representative for the label shared via a statement. “Both Megan and 1501 are pleased to put this matter behind them and move forward with the next chapter of their respective businesses. All of us at 1501 wish Megan the very best in her life and career.”

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