Megan Danielle’s Emotional 'The Voice' Performance Brought Kelly Clarkson to Tears

Rebecca Norris

From Country Living

  • The Playoffs are underway on The Voice Season 18.
  • During the virtual performances on May 11, Megan Danielle wowed the coaches—especially her own coach, Kelly Clarkson— with a powerful rendition of "What Hurts the Most."

It’s been a big week for The Voice.

On Monday, May 11, the Top 9 artists performed from their homes in an effort to snag a spot in the finale, which begins on Monday, May 18, and wraps on Tuesday, May 19.

While all the contestants—including Todd Tilghman, Thunderstorm Artis, Allegra Miles—had stellar performances, Team Kelly's Megan Danielle offered a rendition of "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts that captured our attention like no other.

Even in the rehearsal footage, Kelly was clearly emotional after Megan finished and waited for feedback. Kelly managed to wipe the tears away for long enough to offer some suggestions before the big performance.

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As soon as Megan finished performing, all the coaches started clapping while her coach applauded her vocally. “Yes, Megan!,” Kelly cheered.

When host Carson Daly asked Kelly to share her thoughts on the performance, she sighed and admitted that she hoped another judge would talk first because she felt like she was going to cry. Nevertheless, she continued on to coach Megan as she does best. “I love you, you know this,” she began. “I think that you’re so magical. I think your tone is so distinct. There’s not many people on this planet when they open their mouth—no one on the planet sounds like you. And every time you sing, it’s like you hear like what a broken heart trying to fly sounds like. It sounds so beautifully broken and I just thank you. Whatever happens with this competition, I just thank you for being in my presence and just singing and reminding me of why I love to sing. And that’s a very powerful gift you got, girl.”

Fans were quick to share their emotional reactions as well: "You make me cry every time! My kids went through the same things you did with their dad leaving and it just hits home!!" one user shared.

It’s no secret that Kelly has always been a big fan of Megan, though. When Megan and CammWess battled it out during knockout rounds back in April, Kelly went with Megan, who just so happened to sing Kelly’s “Piece by Piece.”

“I’ve always loved Megan since the blinds,” Kelly shared after the artists completed their performances. Which reminds us: Kelly was the only coach to press her button and turn for the now-beloved Megan, who sang “Remedy” during her blind audition.

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