Meet the woman first in line to see Queen's coffin

STORY: Seated on a bench across from the Palace of Westminster, Nanthakumaran said that she was merely finding out the layout for the queueing when she discovered that she was first in line.

“Then I thought, okay, I'll stay from now on because I don't want to miss the chance... That made me more to be strong and prepared for the hours to come whether there's sun or rain. I don't mind. I want to stay and pay respect,” Nanthakumaran said.

With a rain jacket and a small number of supplies in hand to see her through to Wednesday, when the lying in state will begin, Nanthakumaran said her daughter would bring more food to her.

There is also a family connection to the royals for Nanthakumaran, who said her grand uncle, a speaker in Sri Lanka’s parliament in the 1930s, was knighted by King George VI.