Meet Vietnam's barber with only one arm

(SOUNDBITE) (Vietnamese) 42-YEAR-OLD BARBER, LE THI KIM TRAM, SAYING:"My name is Le Thi Kim Tram, I am 42 years old this year. I am a barber who cuts hair with just one hand. Let me show you."

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Le Thi Kim Tram lost her left arm during a traffic accident

But the single mother has found a way to keep cutting hair

to support her two children and her mother

(SOUNDBITE) (Vietnamese) 42-YEAR-OLD BARBER, LE THI KIM TRAM, SAYING:"In the first few months, I had unsatisfied customers. I knew some of them had to fix their hair somewhere else. A few still came back for me to cut their hair, some just never returned. But now, I can proudly say that once I have decided on a hair style that suits the shape of their face, I can cut it just like this."

"When you calm yourself down, and look inside yourself, then look at your loved ones around you, you will find motivation to try harder. Just respect what is left of your body, then you can do it. If you lost your right arm, you still have the left, and vice versa. You still can do everything and anything, maybe even better than when you still had both arms."