Meet the Troopers rehearsing for the Queen's Jubilee

STORY: [Harry Matthews, Trooper / The Household Cavalry / The Blues and Royals]

‘’I can't really comprehend that I'm going to be performing in front of the Queen. So I just hope that nothing goes wrong and we all we're all fine and we can all do it, give her a really good performance.’’

[Kate Roscoe, Trooper / The Household Cavalry / The Blues and Royals]

"I've worked with horses since I was a little girl, so it's really quite exciting for me to be on a horse in front of the Queen at Windsor. Quite passionate about it. It's a huge honour as well.’’

This is the Household Cavalry, that will perform

for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee horse show

They will take part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show

and evening shows to mark her 70 years on the throne

[Andrew Drummond, Lance Corporal of Horse / The Household Cavalry / The Life Guards]

‘’I've done the ride for what, the last eight years and I still get nervous going in there. Even still, and hopefully you can touch wood as well. It's probably once in a lifetime sort of achievement or an event to even take part in. The Platinum Jubilee, it doesn't come around a lot. So there are a lot of the kids or the troopers on the performance are very, very proud to be able to complete, complete into it.’’

Trooper Harry Matthews is 20 years old

as is Trooper Kate Roscoe

[Kate Roscoe, Trooper / The Household Cavalry/ The Blues And Royals ]

"So, I really enjoy riding and then through the training I really enjoyed, it sounds strange, but I enjoyed riding in the ceremonial kit and just getting fit and doing all that sort of like routine work and rehearsals performances. So I just thought I would love to be on the musical ride where you do that at shows in front of big audiences. It's quite special.''

The Queen has attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show

every year since it began in 1943

This year, hundreds of horses and 1,000 performers

will take part on the grounds of Windsor Castle

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