Meet Thailand's coronavirus-sniffing canines

These dogs can sniff out coronavirus

with an accuracy rate of nearly 95%

Researchers at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University selected six Labrador retrievers

and trained them to identify virus samples

Courtesy: Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd

taken from the sweat of infected patients

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

(SOUNDBITE) (Thai) THAILAND'S CORONAVIRUS SNIFFER DOG PROJECT LEADER, PROFESSOR KAYWALEE CHATDARONG, SAYING: "The dogs take only one to two seconds to detect the virus per sample. Once they detect a patient, they will sit down. This takes only one to two seconds. Within one minute, they can manage to go through 60 samples."

They’re even capable of detecting the virus in asymptomatic people

Researchers say the dogs could replace traditional testing methods

"The next step is putting them out in the field. The Chevron company is now planning to put the dogs up to a real test to screen their employees. In the future, when we send them to airports or piers where there is an influx of commuters, they will be much faster and more precise in detecting the virus than temperature checks."