Meet Ridzman Zidaine, The First Malaysian Model To Open A Louis Vuitton Show

In the sparkling cosmos of high fashion, a new star blazed brightly on an unforgettable night at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Show in Hong Kong. The star of the evening was none other than Ridzman Zidaine, a young and ambitious model hailing from Malaysia.

23-year-old Ridzman Zidaine becomes first local model to open for Louis Vuitton

ridzman zidaine, louis vuitton, malaysian model
ridzman zidaine, louis vuitton, malaysian model

Zidaine made a striking entry into the history books by being the first Malaysian to inaugurate a show for the globally renowned brand. He stood tall as the beacon of his nation in the international fashion arena, breaking boundaries and setting new precedents.

His rendezvous with history wasn’t a recent affair, as his dance with destiny began a year earlier when Zidaine carved a niche for himself in the global fashion narrative by being the first local male model to grace the esteemed runway of Paris Fashion Week. This monumental achievement significantly propelled his position on the global fashion map, cementing his place among the international modelling elite.

The spectacle in Hong Kong marked the second act of musical maestro turned fashion visionary, Pharrell Williams, as the men’s creative director for Louis Vuitton. The event unfolded as a masterstroke of sartorial artistry, magnetically pulling the gazes of fashion enthusiasts and critics from every corner of the world.


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Zidaine, at the helm of the model brigade, personified a fusion of elegance and groundbreaking style. His confident stride, donned in a white striped suit, beret and a cloud-like Keepall bag, served as the epitome of chic formalwear. His unique style left an indelible impression on the show, transforming the event into an extravagant spectacle and a memorable night in the fashion world.


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Zidaine’s journey, blossoming from a local model to the trailblazer who inaugurated a show for a prestigious brand like Louis Vuitton, marked more than a personal victory. His stride on the runway sketched a crucial chapter in the history of fashion, emphasizing the industry’s progressive steps towards embracing diversity and inclusivity.

His story is a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for aspiring models worldwide. It exemplifies that talent and determination, when combined, hold the power to shatter barriers and carve out a unique mark in the global fashion amphitheatre. Ridzman Zidaine’s tale is a testament to the power of dreams, offering a shining example of how one can rise from local stages to global platforms, rewriting history along the way.

Watch the Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Show by Pharrell Williams in Hong Kong here:

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