Meet the Real Creators of the Hottest TikTok Dances You Can't Stop Doing

Stacey Grant
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Photo credit: @noahschnapp/TikTok; @keke.janajah/TikTok
Photo credit: @noahschnapp/TikTok; @keke.janajah/TikTok

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Is there anything worse than not getting credit for something YOU created?! (Actually, yes, literally everything that has happened in the cursed Year of Our Lord, 2020...but for the sake of this article, I digress.)

With, like, a bajillion subscribers on TikTok right now, it's super hard to make yourself stand out and go viral, but somehow, many people were able to do that with their original dance routines to popular songs.

While you've seen your faves like Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Addison Rae, and Chase Hudson do dance after dance after dance on their channels, that doesn't mean they actually created the dances. So, if you're wondering who is responsible for the reason your mom won't stop dancing to "Savage," no matter how many times you plead with her to take a breather, read on!

1. Noah Schnapp — "Do It Again"

Will from Stranger Things has become a big star on TikTok. In April 2020, he created his own dance to a Pia Mia song. "HAH i made a dance go do it," he captioned on TikTok.

2. Keara Wilson — "Savage"

Keara made this dance back in March 2020. Soon after, the song's artist, Megan Thee Stallion, reposted on Instagram a video of Keara doing the dance, captioning it, "Welp let me go learn this lol #savagechallenge."

3. Jalaiah Harmon — "Lottery (Renegade)"

Jalaiah is a teen from Georgia who created the viral dance in 2019, but only started getting credit for it in 2020. Eventually, the song's artist, K Camp, thanked her on Twitter for creating the dance.

Moreover, Jalaiah performed the dance with both Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae. Charli even posted on TikTok, "guys i would like to introduce you to @_.xoxlaii i am so happy that she was able to teach me the original choreography that she made she is the best!"

4. Brittyn Nguyen — "Post to Be"

In October 2020, Brittyn created a dance to the Omarion bop. After hustling to make the dance go viral, Brittyn succeeded later that month when Charli D'Amelio did her dance.

5. @kay.yyla13 — "Girls in the Hood"

This TikTok user, first name Kayla, created the dance to this Megan Thee Stallion song back in October 2020.

6. Nicole Bloomgarden — "Out West"

On December 28, 2019, Nicole posted her new dance choreography and wanted people to do the "#OutWestChallenge." Part of her caption also said, "LETS GO VIRAL." Mission accomplished.

7. Charli D'Amelio — "The Box"

While she may not have created a dance as big as "Savage" or "Lottery (Renegade)," Charli did create the dance to Roddy Ricch's song.

8. Karaleigh Cannella — "Hoopla"

Karaleigh created an epic dance to @KyleYouMadeThat's song in October 2020. Her caption for this video was perfect: "new dance? i should be doing my mid-term paper rn 😂😂."

9. Ciara Zuniga — "Rule the World"

Ciara posted this fast-paced dance in January 2020. She later made a tutorial on how to do it, slowing down all the individual moves.

10. Talia Levinger — "Candy"

This viral dance to a Doja Cat song was created in October 2019. Talia captioned it, "Made up a dance!" The rest is history.

11. Devin Santiago — "7 Rings"

According to Insider, Devin "made up a dance to a remixed version of Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' in his sister's bedroom," dancing with TikTok user @whoischarliedee. However, the dance didn't take off until TikTok user @itsjaymoneyy posted a video of herself and her mom doing Devin's dance.

12. Haley Sharpe — "Say So"

The teen created the dance to the popular Doja Cat song back in December 2019. Haley was even featured at the end of Doja Cat's music video for "Say So."

13. "Supalonely" — Zoi Lerma

In February 2020, Zoi created a dance to the Benee song and captioned her TikTok, "Not my usual content but this song was too catchy to not make a dance to LMAO🥺🥺."

14. Joy Li — "Lemonade"

OK, so this technically isn't a dance, but it is a fun trend that went viral featuring the Internet Money song. Feelin' fabulous with your new hair and/or outfit? Show it off with this trend!

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