Meet Pumuckel, possibly the world's smallest pony

STORY: L: Breckerfeld, Germany

This is Pumuckel

possibly the world’s smallest Shetland pony

(Carola Weidemann, Owner)

“The Guinness Book of World Records wrote back and said that horses and ponies would only be accepted from the age of four. So I have to wait a little and I hope that this little darling here won’t grow much any more so that we can make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. That would obviously be unique with this little guy.”

Pumuckel stands just under two feet tall

“He is of small stature which means that just like with humans, ordinary people can give birth to children of small stature. That’s what you need to imagine with this horse. The vagaries of nature.”

According to the Shetland Pony Club in Britain,

a mini Shetland pony should weigh around 264 pounds

Pumuckel weighs about 77 pounds

“This pony is simply a darling. You constantly want to cuddle and caress him and love him. It’s a cuddly pony and an incredible friend.”