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<p>Hope Glassell; Aaron Wolfberg; Jean Carlos Gonzalez Batista (KIDD CAMARA); Drew DeSirey</p> Aliyah

Hope Glassell; Aaron Wolfberg; Jean Carlos Gonzalez Batista (KIDD CAMARA); Drew DeSirey

Aliyah's Interlude; Chrissy Chaplecka; Dei V; Logan Crosby

Amanda Reifer

<p>Jimmy Fontaine</p> Amanda Reifer

Jimmy Fontaine

Amanda Reifer

I can guarantee you’ve never met a “Bitch Like [Amanda Reifer].”

The 33-year-old singer from Barbados is already making a splash after she was featured on Kendrick Lamar’s hit song “Die Hard.”

She started writing at 15 years old and found herself as the lead singer of a band called Cover Drive shortly after. Now, she makes music about her life and is passionate about shedding light on her roots.

“These songs come from me and are a part of me,” she says. “It's important to me that people know and see where I come from, this small island that shaped me. Raw Barbados is a true gem.”

She continues, “I've gone home to Barbados to film visual files for my album. I made it a point to work with local creatives to shoot and co-direct so that the viewer will get a real inside lens to our culture.”

With bangers like “In and Out (Interlude)” and “Rich Bitch Juice” out, Reifer is now working on her debut project called The Reifer Files — and she considers her sound a blend of “undercurrents, dualities and contradictions that flow together into one body like the ocean.”

“It was a huge blessing to be nominated alongside Kendrick Lamar and Blxst for 'Die Hard' and to be able to continue building with some of the same renowned men who were a part of that record. They have been essential to the sound of my album,” she says.

She continues, “We've been able to create something truly special. It's taken me three years to bring it to life and to the public. This has not been overnight for me, my whole life I've been working towards this. The musicality conveys the stories and emotions as much as the lyrics and melodies do.”

Listen to her latest single “Devastating (Interlude).”

Aliyah's Interlude

<p>Hope Glassell</p> Aliyah's Interlude

Hope Glassell

Aliyah's Interlude

Aliyah’s Interlude is that girl.

Before popping off online through her unique Y2K- and Harajuku-inspired fashion, now known as AliyahCore, the 21-year-old Atlanta native started writing songs at age 13.

“I would write raps down and just perform them in my room for myself cause I was so shy,” the musician, born Aliyah Bah, tells PEOPLE. “I started doing music professionally when I realized I wanted more than one medium to express who I am and what I stand for.”

With a TikTok following already under her belt from style content, Aliyah’s Interlude released her debut single, “It Girl,” last year, and the pop-house banger went viral on the platform, soundtracking more than a million videos on the platform.

Nearly three million TikTok followers later, she unleashed another song, “Fashion Icon,” in February ahead of her forthcoming debut EP — but don’t expect the project to sound like her previous output.

“I’d like people to know I’m not an artist who can fit into any genre,” says the performer, now based in New York City. “I am Aliyah’s Interlude, that’s my genre.”

Put on your strutting boots and check out Aliyah’s Interlude’s “Fashion Icon.”


<p>Dennis Leupold</p> Mergui

Dennis Leupold


Mergui’s music feels like “Paradise.”

Mergui (born Jonathan Mergui) hails from Israel’s Tel Aviv and his love for music dates back to when he was 13 years old, writing and producing music for the fun of it in his bedroom.

“This room for me was a different galaxy, another world,” he says. “One day I was playing around with a cover for ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from the Disney movie Moana without knowing it was going to start my career.”

After playing this cover for his family, Mergui’s dad sent it in to a producer for a music reality show called Hacocav Habba, which translates to The Next Star: “On the first audition I sang that song and my life has changed forever. I finished second and all of a sudden I wasn’t unknown anymore.”

The rising star has since moved to Los Angeles and released his EP, Shadows of Blue, on May 9.

"Shadows of Blue for me is the realization that there’s no shadow without light and these blue shadows in my life wouldn’t exist without the light on the other side — like the things I’m grateful for and the amazing people around me,” he says, adding that the project means “so much” to him.

When writing, Mergui largely finds inspiration through relationships: “Whether they’re awesome or totally suck, they’re this endless well of fuel for my music.” In Shadows of Blue, Mergui wants to tell a story through cinematic sounds and melodies.

Fall into a trance with Mergui’s Shadows of Blue here.

Chrissy Chlapecka

<p>Aaron Wolfberg</p> Chrissy Chaplecka

Aaron Wolfberg

Chrissy Chaplecka

Chrissy Chlapecka would like to welcome you to the world of Girlie Pop.

A lifelong musician, the 24-year-old performer thought she’d go into musical theater while growing up in Chicago — before realizing she didn’t want to step into someone else’s story.

“My goal was Broadway, until I decided that I wanted to create a character and an artist out of who I am, my own personal experiences and love for my queerness, hyperfemininity and drag,” Chlapecka tells PEOPLE.

Since joining TikTok in 2019, she’s amassed over five million followers, partly for pioneering #BimboTok, a cheeky reclamation of the provocative styles and behavior women often catch flack for embracing.

Inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga and Chicago-based performers like her “drag mother,” Ramona Slick, Chlapecka has confidently incorporated the sexy, fun persona into electro-pop songs like “I’m Really Pretty” and the upcoming “10 Boyfriends.”

“I think there is a lot of power in a woman who sings about her self-love, sexuality and beautifully funny yet deeper meanings of this world and her experiences,” she says. “My desire to be sexy, lighthearted and promiscuous is for nobody but myself and the fun, goofy art I create around that.”

Before diving into Chlapecka’s debut EP Girlie Pop when it drops on June 10, get into her latest single, “Verse.”


<p>Kanya Iwana</p> KATSEYE

Kanya Iwana


Feminine, powerful and unique is the only way to describe the hot new girl group that is KATSEYE.

The first-ever global girl group under the K-Pop methodology was born under the audition program by HYBE x Geffen called The Debut: Dream Academy.

The members include Manon, 21, Megan, 18, Sophia, 21, Yoonchae, 16, Daniela, 19, and Lara, 18. All hailing from different parts of the world, this girl group has come together due to their shared love for music.

“If you had told me as a young girl — raised in a small town in Switzerland by her single mother — that I’d be a signed member of an international girl group living in LA, I would’ve never believed you,” Manon says. “That’s why I'll always advocate for dreaming big, no matter where in the world you are or how far away your dreams may seem.”

The girl group is currently working on their debut project and though they can’t give much away at the moment, Daniela says “months of dedication and tireless efforts have been poured into refining every detail.”

“This experience has given us a great sense of fulfillment as we watch our dreams, and the vision for the concept of this group, become a reality,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Sophia says she finds inspiration from her fellow bandmates when creating: “One of the coolest things about being in a girl group like KATSEYE is having girls around to look up to. When I'm feeling stuck with something or simply looking for inspiration, I watch my members and learn from their artistry."

Similarly, Yoonchae is ready to prove that though she’s the youngest, she has a lot to offer: “I have the image of the youngest member in the team, but I want to show that I can present a cool and charismatic appearance on stage."

Be on the lookout for their new music.

Sadie Jean

<p>Blythe Thomas</p> Sadie Jean

Blythe Thomas

Sadie Jean

Sadie Jean has been writing songs since before she could use a pencil.

“I remember before I learned how to write I would make my sister be my scribe and write down my songs for me,” the 21-year-old California native, who later learned to play piano and studied music at New York University, tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to pursue music professionally because I knew I would regret it forever if I never gave it a shot.”

Music has become a therapeutic outlet for the self-described “easily overwhelmed” singer-songwriter, who tends to process her feelings through art. “Because of that, my songs end up just being a tell-all about my life — which is fun and cool and also so scary,” she says.

Taking a chance and sharing her songs paid off for Jean, whose 2021 single “WYD Now?” went viral on TikTok, soundtracking over 190,000 videos on the platform. The hit appears on her debut EP, Simple Like 17, and she’s currently working on the project’s deluxe version amid her first headlining tour.

“It has been the most healing experience to finally release these songs and get to sing them with the most supportive crowds every night,” Jean says. “I’m so proud of this project and this tour.”

Working through relationship difficulties? Listen to Jean’s latest single, “You Don’t.”

Sammy Virji

<p>Mark Shields</p> Sammy Virji

Mark Shields

Sammy Virji

With summer around the corner, DJs and electric beats are all that jazz — and Sammy Virji is the perfect contribution.

The 27-year-old DJ and producer from Oxford, England, is making his mark in the electronic music space and has been a pioneer and innovator of the UKG renaissance. His love for music dates back to his childhood memories with his father.

“My Dad is a jazz musician and I always looked up to him so I spent lots of my childhood playing instruments,” he says. “I always wanted to be involved in music from a young age, I just never knew what form it would take. When the opportunity was there to leave my university degree and pursue music full time, it was a no-brainer.”

Following the release of his latest single “Summertime Blues,” a collaboration with Chris Lake and Nathan Nicholson, Virji is on the lookout for more collaborations to create “club heavy tunes.”

When he’s creating, Virji finds inspiration all around him: “often touring and seeing different places gets me excited to go and make new things.”

Leave it to the music to get to know Virji some more — but he does note he has “a cat called Mowgli and a dog called Jasper.”

Get lost in the mood and listen to “Summertime Blues” here.


<p>Alessandro Martino</p> Mariangela

Alessandro Martino


With an enchanting vocal quality, fresh sound and over 1.4 million TikTok followers, Mariangela uses art like a superpower.

“My journey into music started when I was just a kid, and I was drawn in by its ability to weave magic into the mundane and heal the wounds of the soul,” the 23-year-old performer, who taught herself piano and guitar, tells PEOPLE. “What drove me to pursue music professionally was the realization that I could not only express myself but also touch people's hearts and minds with my art.”

Growing up between Mexico and San Antonio, Mariangela was immersed in various languages and musical styles, including artists like Madonna, Julieta Venegas, Dua Lipa, Belanova, The 1975 and Soda Stereo. Such eclectic cultural consumption inspired the blend of genres present on her debut album, Sensible, out now.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from my roots, but it's not just about where I come from; it's also about where I am now,” she says. “The energy of the city, the people I meet, the struggles and successes we all face — it all feeds into my creative process.”

While Mariangela works on her next project, dive into her catalog with the recent single “Acto Final.”

Abby Sage

<p>Noah Kentis</p> Abby Sage

Noah Kentis

Abby Sage

Abby Sage’s music feels like an ethereal dream.

The 26-year-old singer from Toronto, Canada, is a storyteller at heart — and she’s heavily involved in every aspect of her music.

“I love the visual side of my music, it’s so important to me. I make a lot of my own props like paper mache pieces for my album artwork and the set pieces on my music videos,” she says. “Building the visual world is such a big part of my music for me. I love to tell a story and know that every part of it came from my brain and my two hands.”

Sage’s love for music developed when writing music with her dad, who taught her to play guitar, in the basement of their home.

“We would write little songs in our basement about the sounds my baby brother would make and Harry Potter,” she recalls. “I started taking it more seriously as I got older and started getting into writing poetry. I’d turn those into songs and I think that’s where it shifted for me. Even now, some of my songs start out as poems.”

These days, she feels most inspired when she’s spending time alone — and describes her music as “quiet confidence.”

On May 6, Sage kicked off her first-ever headlining tour in support of her debut album The Rot. Once her tour wraps, she plans to dive back into writing again.

Listen to The Rot here.

Maggie Rose

<p>Sophia Matinazad</p>

Sophia Matinazad

Maggie Rose has lived several musical lives.

“I’ve been singing my whole life,” the 35-year-old Maryland native tells PEOPLE. “A Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band allowed me to join them for bar gigs when I was 15, and I started writing my own music. I was signed and moved to Nashville when I was 19 and have been making music professionally ever since.”

After releasing country music, performing at the Grand Ole Opry and writing songs for Disney Channel, Rose linked up with Grammy-nominated hitmakers including Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony to make her new album, No One Gets Out Alive.

The body of work features her powerhouse vocals and a classic blend of rock and country sounds with lyrics partly inspired by her experiences touring the world.

“I try my best to be observant and notice the small things,” says Rose, who has concerts scheduled throughout the rest of the year. “I also think I’ve learned that any time creativity strikes, make sure to stop and jot the lyrics down or make the voice memo because the greatest ideas can be fleeting.”

Dive into Rose’s latest album, starting with its title track, “No One Gets Out Alive.”

Logan Crosby

<p>Drew DeSirey</p> Logan Crosby

Drew DeSirey

Logan Crosby

In just a matter of time, Logan Crosby will take country music by storm.

The 23-year-old rising star from Milledgeville, Georgia, was raised with a deep love for music as he sang in his grandmother’s church. By the time he got to college, he started playing bars and afterparties — but there was one life event that made him realize music was his calling.

“Honestly, I originally thought I wanted to be an attorney, but when I flunked the practice LSAT, I started taking music more seriously. Eventually, I realized why I flunked… I was meant to do this,” he says.

Now, Crosby is working on his debut album that’s set to drop later this year. He also plans to tour afterward.

“It tells my story over the past five years of my life and gives listeners more insight into who I am artistically and as a person,” he says of the album, adding that his sound is something like “a little bit small town (where I grew up) mixed with soul and pop melodies.”

When he’s writing, Crosby draws inspiration from his life experience and those people around him: “One of my favorite things that my friend Megan Moroney and I do while on tour is exchange bad dating stories.”

Crosby, who previously starred in season one of Claim to Fame and placed second, is currently on the road with the “Tennessee Orange” singer on her Lucky 2.0 tour.

Listen to his latest single, “2019,” here.


<p>Ryusei Sabi</p> UMI

Ryusei Sabi


UMI considers herself “a sensitive soul with a big heart.”

The 25-year-old R&B singer-songwriter, born Tierra Umi Wilson, started writing songs at age 4 and learned to play guitar at 7, but it took her a while to get comfortable performing for others.

“I’m not sure what made me want to pursue music at first, considering I used to have really bad stage fright. But now I know it’s my calling. It brings me great joy to share my unique thoughts and bring healing to the world,” UMI tells PEOPLE.

Since growing up in Seattle and briefly attending the University of Southern California before leaving to pursue music, the performer has earned a viral hit with the 2018 single “Remember Me,” toured with the likes of Conan Gray and released a debut album, Forest in the Sky.

As UMI performs shows around the world, she looks to connect with her fans on a uniquely deep level. “I incorporate meditation into my live shows — as a way to ground and connect people,” she says. “I also host soundbaths. I am deeply interested in how sound and community can help heal the heart.”

Listen to UMI’s latest single, “wherever u r” with V of BTS, as she crafts her second album.


<p>Dany Carranza</p> VALE

Dany Carranza


When VALÉ’s music is on, it’s “todo bien, valentina!”

The 20-year-old singer from Barranquilla, Colombia, was raised around music and joined her school choir at 6 years old. Then, at 10, she did music lessons.

“I came to L.A. for the first time in 2018 when I was 15 to visit my cousin. He has been in music his whole life, and he heard me singing in the car and just presented the opportunity to connect me with management,” the “oops” singer says.

She continues, “I hadn't even begun to think about what I wanted to do with my life, but I decided to take the leap and give it a try. I started doing a couple of sessions in October 2018; the rest is history!”

VALÉ — who’s currently on tour with The Driver Era — is gearing up to release her debut EP, called Under the Sun, on Aug. 2. The project will feature her latest single “chill like that.”

When it comes to writing, the rising star finds inspiration through “made-up situations.”

“I am very empathetic, so I can pick up on what others might be feeling… [and] I am able to write songs based on situations I haven't been through; with most of my songs, that is the case,” she says. “I think I was able to develop this skill during the pandemic since I wasn't outside at all, I had to find inspiration in books, movies, or simply making up stories myself. It definitely made me a more creative songwriter.”

Get a sense of VALÉ's Latin alternative pop flavor with “chill like that.”

Audrey Nuna

<p>Leeay</p> Audrey Nuna


Audrey Nuna

Audrey Nuna started working towards musicianship as a child.

“I started out singing in choirs and musicals. I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was 5. The process so far has been super organic, and I’m hella grateful,” the 25-year-old pop-R&B musician, who grew up in New Jersey, tells PEOPLE.

After studying music at New York University and sharing cover videos online, Nuna started releasing songs independently before getting signed to Arista Records in 2019.

Since then, she’s collaborated with the likes of Jack Harlow and Teezo Touchdown, released her debut album, a liquid breakfast, and toured alongside Ashnikko.

Nuna is now hard at work on her second full-length album. “I can say it’s been a true labor of love, sweat and tears,” she says. “This project really was me processing moving to a new city away from the familiar things, rude awakenings, going on tour twice, losing friendships and really just growing up and life itself.”

Check out Nuna’s latest single, “Jokes on Me,” as she prepares her forthcoming project.

Emmy Meli

<p>Ashley Osborn</p> Emmy Meli

Ashley Osborn

Emmy Meli

You may know Emmy Meli from her viral song “I Am Woman” — and her lyrics ring true to her person: she’s got it goin’ on!

The 24-year-old singer from Long Beach, Calif., considers music her “reason for being.”

“I just started. With no money to my name and no connections. I just blindly followed a dream and did it relentlessly,” she says. “While there is no handbook to begin a music career, I found that what mattered most was continuing to sing, write and perform by any means necessary.”

She continues, “I worked job after job after job and saved tip money to play shows. I even used to design my own stickers and bulk order them from a dodgy company and stick them on telephone poles on my walk to my barista job. Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Currently, Meli is working on her debut album — and she teases it’ll be “weird, dark, sexy, raw and hopefully unexpected.”

In addition to her love for music, Meli is an animal lover at heart and hopes to have a farm one day and start a nonprofit for rescues. She’s also a “killer barista” and dreams of owning her own coffee shop one day, starting her own clothing line and writing a book.

Listen to her debut EP Hello Stranger, out now.


<p>Drew Cabral</p> MaKenzie

Drew Cabral


MaKenzie’s journey in music has found her in “a pretty f---ing cool” space.

“I’ve been singing since I was 3 in church, eventually started competing in talent shows and soon realized music was what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t know in what capacity for sure though until I dropped out of college and did The Voice,” the 26-year-old Kentucky native, who competed on season 16 of the NBC competition series, tells PEOPLE.

After MaKenzie’s 2018 stint on the show, she released an independent album in 2021 and later landed a record deal with Warner Records, through which her latest project, A Pretty F--ing Cool EP, dropped in April.

When it comes to songwriting, the musician looks for inspiration “all around me,” and while she’s unsure of her exact genre, each sonic element is tied together by her silky, powerful vocals.

“My sound is still being developed because I don’t think it exists yet,” says MaKenzie. “Everything has a base note of R&B for sure, but outside of that I like to experiment.”

As she works on her next project, the artist is spending lots of time in the studio and “trying to bring back the feelings I miss in music.”

Listen to MaKenzie’s recent single, “Maybe” with TA Thomas.

Dei V

<p>Jean Carlos Gonzalez Batista (KIDD CAMARA)</p> Dei V

Jean Carlos Gonzalez Batista (KIDD CAMARA)

Dei V

Dei V is coming in hot.

At one point in time, the 28-year-old singer was traveling back and forth from Puerto Rico and New York City to work in construction and his friend who is a musician asked him to come to a studio session. He instantly felt a spark.

“I started noticing that Latin music started to change, and there was a space for artists like me to experiment with the new sounds,” he says. “I decided to follow my dreams and moved from my hometown in Puerto Rico to New York City to continue pursuing music. All my free time was spent studying the genres and exploring my own artistry and sound.”

Dei V is currently working on his debut album and is focused on “heavy flavor, dope collaborations and heavy hitters.”

“It’s truly a testament to the incredible community and fans that continued to give me their support that made this album possible, and I can’t wait to share the project with fans,” he says.

At the end of the day, music is a “way of life” Dei V — and he’s heavily influenced by his upbringing: "My homeland is full of so much rich culture and Puerto Rico really has the sazon.” 

“There’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into making music, a lot of sacrifices but music drives me, lyrics are a way for me to tell my story and my feelings almost like an outlet. I don’t think people know that I’m also an athlete, I love basketball almost just as much as I love music,” he continues. “I’m a family man and overall I'm just a kid from Puerto Rico with big dreams and an even bigger love for creating music that connects, inspires, and moves people.”

Listen to his latest single “Martini.”

Lindsey Lomis

<p>Caity Krone</p> Lindsey Lomis

Caity Krone

Lindsey Lomis

Lindsey Lomis has accomplished quite a lot at age 21.

“Growing up in Nashville, I was surrounded by the music scene,” she tells PEOPLE. “My recording career actually began when I wrote a song for a school project when I was 12 and ended up releasing it!”

Early into Lomis’ adulthood, she’s already released five EPs (including her latest, Handle with Care), opened for Joshua Bassett on tour and collaborated with JoJo.

Currently, she’s on the road in Europe with Jacob Collier — “the honor of a lifetime,” says the pop artist.

“As I soak up all the knowledge I’ve been receiving from the incredible musicians I’m constantly around, I’ve been working on my next project, which is hopefully an album,” adds Lomis, who’s looking to her surroundings for creative influence.

“I recently moved to Los Angeles and kickstarted a whole new phase of my life. That has come with tons of inspiration for my music.”

Check out Lomis’ recent single, “Stalker.”

Natalie Jane

<p>Courtesy of Natalie Jane</p> Natalie Jane

Courtesy of Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane has the magical ability to turn our angsty “Intrusive Thoughts” to song.

The 20-year-old singer from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, grew up idolizing stars like Katy Perry and Adele, waiting for the moment that she too could take the stage in front of thousands of people to connect with an audience.

“I’ve always been singing around the house, for my friends and family- yes I was that kid. This has always been the dream and it’s crazy to see it coming to life,” she says.

Jane is currently working on her second project and though she can’t reveal much, she does say she draws inspiration from ex and social media when writing.

“I like to listen to people rant about stuff they’re going through and take inspiration from there. I heard a girl say that her ex said her name to his new girlfriend, and that inspired my song 'Torture,'” she says.

Adding, “The lyrics are: ‘Does my name come up in your relationship/and s--- go down in flames when you let it slip/You’re under her cause we’re over/Yeah missing me feels like torture.”

Ultimately, she hopes to create music that will feel like a release.

In addition to her music, Jane is passionate about incorporating art into her life: “I love painting, and I try to incorporate it into my career as much as possible, whether it be cover, art, tour, posters, or even artistic direction I love to be involved.”

Listen to “Intrusive Thoughts” here.

Aidan Bissett

<p>Courtesy of Aidan Bissett</p> Aidan Bissett

Courtesy of Aidan Bissett

Aidan Bissett

Aidan Bissett’s passion for life and music runs deep.

The rising star from Florida started playing instruments at 7 years old and guitar was the “obvious choice.”

“I have always been fascinated by rockstars and how they would live their lives on the road touring for months on end. From the very first time I picked up a guitar I knew there was a strong connection between me and music,” he says.

When he was a sophomore in high school he moved to Florida and had to change high schools which was “incredibly difficult socially” — and the only thing that made him feel less alone was burying himself in his music.

"As horrible and devastating as Covid was. It was almost a blessing for me. It gave me basically all the hours of the day to continue furthering my knowledge of music creation,” he recalls. “So I did what all aspiring musicians of today do… create a TikTok account. I religiously posted on TikTok for months slowly garnering a following.”

He continues, “Today I’m living the dream I had as a child and I won’t stop until I become the biggest artist in the world.”

Now, Bissett is working on an album and says that in the simplest terms, “the album is me.”

Deep down, the “More Than Friends” singer is a “closeted nerd.”

“I love to read, I love video games, I love anime, and I love geeking out about movies. I think a lot of people just assume I’m more extroverted, but I'm quite the opposite. I love my independence," he says. "I love spending time on my own doing any one of those things."

Listen to Bissett’s latest single “Planet.”

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