Meet 'one of the UAE's only female car mechanics'

Huda al-Matroushi is blazing a trail for women in the autobusinessin the United Arab Emirates, an industry long dominated by men in the region.

"When it comes to this situation, I enjoy it a lot. Because I'm on top of my job, and it's my business, I belong to it, so I feel proud of myself."

The 36-year is one of a few Emirati women to venture into the car repair industry.

She owns and manages her own auto repair shop, a business that was driven by a lifelong passion for cars.

“Cars have been a huge hobby of mine since I was a child, and I have been able to turn it from a dream into reality. Thank God, luck was on my side and now I am trying to learn more, to study this field, and learn more about mechanics."

Al-Martoushi still faced doubts from male employees in the beginning,

and it took some convincing to garner support from her family.

"I said, 'Dad, please trust me and you will see what I will do.' He said, 'okay, okay!' Most of my family are surprised how, you know, because this project, or this business it's not easy for a lady."

She now hopes to grow her single garage into a big repair center, or open more stores across the UAE.