Meet the Netflix reality stars looking for love in “Perfect Match” season 2

The cast includes stars from "Too Hot to Handle," "The Circle," "Love Is Blind," and more.

Not everyone finds their other half on the first try — which is why Netflix has gathered another all-star cast for Perfect Match season 2.

Now in its sophomore season, the dating competition sees 22 singles from across the unscripted Netflix universe coming together to find love at a beachside resort. Whether they got their start chatting in pods on Love Is Blind or playing Red Light/Green Light on Squid Game: The Challenge, the latest crop of contestants share one thing in common: a desire to win.

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The rules of the dating competition remain the same: the singles will couple up to compete in a series of compatibility challenges under the watchful eye of host, Nick Lachey. Along the way, they’ll have the opportunity to bring in new singles who will shake up the competition by sparking new romantic tensions and wreaking havoc on established situationships.

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Season 1 ended with Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel emerging as the perfect match and winning an all-expenses paid vacation. Sadly, the couple’s connection didn’t survive outside of the beachside resort, and they announced their breakup after filming ended. Gabriel is set to return for season 2, in the hopes of finding another special someone.

Ahead of the season’s June return, Netflix has unveiled the full cast of singles, which you can check out below.

Alara Taneri - Dated and Related (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Alara Taneri


Alara Taneri

Brittan Byrd - Too Hot to Handle (season 4)

<p>Netflix</p> Brittan Byrd


Brittan Byrd

Bryton Constantin - Squid Game: The Challenge (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Bryton Constantin


Bryton Constantin

Christine Obanor — Too Hot to Handle (season 5)

<p>Netflix</p> Christine Obanor


Christine Obanor

Dominique Defoe — Too Hot to Handle (season 4)

<p>Netflix</p> Dominique Defoe


Dominique Defoe

Elys Hutchinson — Too Hot to Handle (season 5)

<p>Netflix</p> Elys Hutchinson


Elys Hutchinson

Holly Scarfone — Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

<p>Netflix</p> Holly Scarfone


Holly Scarfone

Jessica Vestal — Love Is Blind (season 6)

<p>Netflix</p> Jessica Vestal


Jessica Vestal

Melinda Melrose — Too Hot to Handle (season 2), Dated & Related (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Melinda Melrose


Melinda Melrose

Micah Lussier — Love Is Blind (season 4)

<p>Netflix</p> Micah Lussier


Micah Lussier

Tolú Ekundare — The Trust (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Tolú Ekundare


Tolú Ekundare

Xanthi Perdikomatis — The Circle (season 5)

<p>Netflix</p> Xanthi Perdikomatis


Xanthi Perdikomatis

Chris Hahn -— Dated & Related (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Chris Hahn


Chris Hahn

Dom Gabriel — The Mole (season 1), Perfect Match (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Dom Gabriel


Dom Gabriel

Harry Jowsey — Too Hot To Handle (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Harry Jowsey


Harry Jowsey

Izzy Zapata — Love Is Blind (season 5)

<p>Netflix</p> Izzy Zapata


Izzy Zapata

Jake Cunningham — The Ultimatum: Marry of Move On (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Jake Cunningham


Jake Cunningham

Justin Assad — Surviving Paradise (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Justin Assad


Justin Assad

Kaz Bishop — Dated & Related (season 1)

<p>Netflix</p> Kaz Bishop


Kaz Bishop

Nigel Euro — Too Hot to Handle (season 4)

<p>Netflix</p> Nigel Euro


Nigel Euro

Stevan Ditter — Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

<p>Netflix</p> Stevan Ditter


Stevan Ditter

Trevor Sova — Love Is Blind (season 6)

<p>Netflix</p> Trevor Sova


Trevor Sova

The first six episodes of Perfect Match season 2 premiere Friday, June 7 on Netflix, with new episodes rolling out weekly.

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