Meet the mourners queuing for miles to see the Queen's coffin

STORY: Meet the mourners queueing up for

miles to see Queen Elizabeth's coffin

Location: London, England

(Shirley B, Mourner)

“It's not the same as looking on the television. You've got to be there to know what the atmosphere's really like. By the time I get over there, I'll be buckets of tears, you know."

(Niketha Bandara, Mourner)

"I didn't expect it. It's quite fast. It's been like three and a half hours now and everyone is like really enjoying being in the queue. We were talking like unexpected and it wasn't boring at all. I was enjoying it, actually."

(Clare McIntosh, Mourner)

"I just feel I've I've done something which I think is right just to pay my respects, you know, because it's someone I've admired over my lifetime. You know?"

(Nicola Baker, Mourner)

"She's touched so many people in so many ways. And you realise that when you're there because you know, you can see other people get emotional too. You can't not come here and not be emotional."

Officials expect 750,000 people

will line up to see the coffin

before the lying in state ends