Meet the man who claims he can summon UFOs

"My name is Robert Bingham and what I do is I'm a summoner. I bring in UFOs and I interact with the UFOs and I interact with Big Foot, I interact with ghosts, but mostly UFOs."

Location: Pasadena, California

Robert Bingham says he had his first UFO experience 20 years ago

and has telepathically reached out for them ever since

"What I do for the summoning techniques is I look into a blue sky, a blank sky blue and I just concentrate on one little spot of that blue sky and concentrate and I telepathically tell them to arrive, like I'm doing now."

Source: Naval Air Systems Command

A U.S. government report acknowledged sightings of mysterious flying objects

but failed to explain what they are

Location: Santa Clarita, California

Bingham believes this information is to prepare for events to come

"If I've got it, I say it. I don't hold back and say 'Oh they're going to think I'm crazy'. I say it. And the government believes me. Believe me they believe me. That's why they're coming out with that stuff now."

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