Meet the luxury leather artisan going strong at 65

Obi Ononye has been crafting luxury leather goods for more than four decades.

"So, I have decided what I want to make."

And the 65-year-old has no intention of giving up.

"These two should do it."

At his studio in Nigeria's commercial hub Lagos, he fashions a variety of products - bags, footwear, wallets, pouches and notepads.

Some are destined to be sold across the world.

His is a journey from young man with no formal education, to master craftsman.

"I started crafting leather in 1978, mainly to make what I use, what I needed, sandals, bag packs, sling bags, wallet and as I made them and used them, other people saw them and wanted me make for them."

Onoye says leatherwork is a source of livelihood and a way to stay relevant.

That's important because, though Nigeria's population is exploding - it's predicted to become the world's third largest by 2050 - the number of elderly is low.

Around 2.7% of people are aged 65 or over - according to World Bank data - compared with a global average of 9.3%.

That's in part attributed to the country's limited care facilities.

Saturday (August 21) is World Senior Citizens' Day - when the achievements of those like Onoye are celebrated.

"I'm putting in my best today and if tomorrow comes, yesterday was good."

He's optimistic about the future of his work and the ability to keep using his hands.

"I wouldn't know if leather will get out of fashion but even if it gets out of fashion, but even if it gets out of fashion, skilled work I mean artisan work would not get out of fashion, people will need people to do certain things for them."

Marketed under the brand Obi Leather, his bags sell in upmarket stores across Nigeria, South America and Europe.

The leather goods sell from $12 up to more than $2,000 - depending on the choice of product, material and design - and that gives Ononye little reason to start considering his retirement.

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