Meet Lebanon's 'Momtrepreneur of the Year'

STORY: This businesswoman is the ‘Momtrepreneur of the Year’

Location: Qornet Shehwan, Lebanon

Lebanese mother Jennifer Mansour started her baby meal business

after the birth of her first daughter, Melanie


“A child’s brain develops 80% by the time they are three. When I read this statement online, I realized how important it is to feed our children in a very healthy way. So I started cooking, I liked it and I realized that there is definitely mothers and fathers who are suffering from the same thing: they want to work and advance in life but at the same time, they want to give their children the best and healthiest food.”

Little Melly now has a team of 19

preparing organic baby food in a professional kitchen

Mansour won the 'momtrepreneur' title at the Women SME Leaders Awards 2022

which are staged by Mastercard and Entrepreneur Middle East magazine

"I am so proud of this award, because we were able to prove that as mothers, not just as women, we cannot neglect our homes, we cannot neglect our families but at the same time we are able to advance in our careers."

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