Meet Jordan's snake hunter

STORY: Meet Jordan’s snake hunter

Location: Balqa, Jordan

Yaseen al-Sqour travels the country

removing reptiles from peoples’ homes

He also looks after injured injured snakes

takes them to a veterinarian and then releases them back into the wild


“There are poisonous and non-poisonous snakes which I became more attached to. There are 37 kinds of snakes in Jordan and only seven out of them are poisonous - 30 are non-poisonous which you can live with at home. They start getting used to living with humans.”

He also tries to raise awareness about his favorite animal

by posting videos about them on social media

(VISITOR FROM BAHRAIN, SAYED ADNAN) “Yaseen al-Sqour taught me about the different kinds of snakes, the ones that are poisonous and the ones that are not. I went out with him on the field to different places. Yaseen al-Sqour is known in Jordan as someone who travels long distances to save others.”

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