Meet Jordan’s amputee mountain climber

STORY: Meet Jordan’s amputee mountain climber

Location: Amman, Jordan

Jarah Alhawamdeh lost his leg when he was 15 years old

(Jarah Alhawamdeh, Mountain climber) “After I lost my leg, I wanted to show people that everyone can achieve the impossible, either with a leg or without. Do not look at me with pity and say: ‘Oh poor guy, he lost his leg.’ I lost my leg, but I gained mountains and gained a passion towards sports and climbing mountains. After I lost my leg I started climbing mountains to send a message to the world that Jarah can always accomplish great things.”

Alhawamdeh has reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

and scaled to the highest peaks in Jordan and Turkey

He dreams to climb the 'Seven Summits,' the highest peak on each continent

“This kind of sport demands legs, hands and all body parts. I broke this rule, just like other people in the world did. I wanted to be the Arab person who broke this rule and engaged in two kinds of climbing. I practice rock and mountain climbing. The last trip I did was to Ararat mountain, which is the highest mountain in Turkey. Thank God it was a successful trip.”

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