Meet France's 106-year-old pianist

JOURNALIST ASKING (French): "If we ask you to play something about love for us, what would you play for us?"

MAZE SAYING (French): "Well if you ask that of me..." / MAZE PLAYING PIANO

Location: Paris, France

106-year-old Colette Maze

has been playing the piano for over a century

She credits yoga and finger gymnastics for keeping her nimble

(SOUNDBITE) (French) 106-YEAR-OLD FRENCH PIANIST WHO IS PREPARING A THREE-DISC ALBUM, COLETTE MAZE, SAYING:"I'd ask you, why do you drink a cafe au lait in the morning or why do you have steak from time to time? And even steak doesn't matter to me, but that's not the case with music. You understand? That's my food, my food for the spirit and for the heart."

Maze has just recorded her sixth album

a recording of works by Claude Debussy

(SOUNDBITE) (French) SON OF FRENCH PIANIST COLETTE MAZE, FABRICE MAZE, SAYING:"I think she's an inspiration to others, for those who discover her, because on the one hand, she keeps spirits up as she proves that at 106 years old, we can be in good shape as long as we're passionate and we take care of ourselves. That's good news. And then, her good mood, her joy, her love of life brings smiles to people in worrying times like the one that we're now living through."