Meet this female engineer on a mission to be voice of women in her field at Micron Malaysia (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — The engineering industry is often perceived as a male-dominant field.

The scene is, however, changing and there are many companies that welcome young and emerging female engineers to create a balanced working environment.

One such company is Micron Malaysia, a world leader in innovating memory and storage solutions.

The firm pays close attention to its human resources and invests in various programmes to attract top talents, especially in recruiting female staff.

The company provides aid to help female staff transition smoothly back into the workforce after starting a family.

It also advocates work-life balance, building a network within the women in the company and ensuring well-equipped facilities for women such as a nursing room.

Khairun Nadiah Kamaruzaman is a young female engineer on a mission to strengthen the leadership, engagement and voice of women in her field at the firm.

The Kedah-born test process engineer said she has been working in the field for four years and is now based in Penang.

She said generally, women may think there are not many opportunities for them in the engineering industry, but that was never the case for her.

“Many people think engineering is a dry field for boring people.

“It’s actually not.”

To get a better picture of the roles and responsibilities of an engineer, Malay Mail followed Nadiah to her workplace in Penang.

Nadiah said, unlike common belief, her workplace is vibrant with amazing perks and facilities that provide work-life balance.

“Apart from the facilities, what I like the most about Micron is the friendly people and conducive environment.

“I find it encouraging to have fewer barriers when reaching out to my boss as it makes decision-making more effective.”

Nadiah said Micron was established on grounds of diversity, equality and inclusion across the workplace.

“Diverse ideas bring more ideas to the table, leading to greater innovation, better decisions and a stronger company.”

At Micron, there are ample green open spaces for staff to unwind, have a discussion in a casual setting or simply engage in after-hours chit-chat.

There is also a fully-equipped in-house gymnasium for staff who opt to sweat it out before or after work.

“It is really convenient to have such a facility for employees to stay fit alongside our busy schedule.”

Nadiah said working in this field isn’t always about solving complex problems or dealing with machinery.

“Every day we are given a chance to explore new potentials while having a work-life balance.”

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