Meet the designer behind the Trump "Buddha" statue

Meet the man behind the Trump “Buddha” statue

Location: Xiamen, China


"I believe it was in September and October last year when Trump was still campaigning and causing torment. It was particularly interesting to me because our tradition is that a person who is so old and successful and has been the president of the United States should start to enjoy his old age and be more relaxed. But he was still tormented and fretting over various desires and uncertainties. So there was an extreme contrast with the image I wanted to express and make for him. I thought this contrast was very interesting. That's why I did this. My idea with this was very simple. I thought it would be amusing and fun."

The Trump statues are available in two sizes

and cost $150 and $3000 apiece

The sculptures have also gained international attention


"I am very curious how he would react (to this statue). But I heard a friend say that based on Trump's character, if it is something that makes him famous then he'll like it, not to mention that this is something quite positive. // In Trump's current state, to be honest, he is really well suited to do some meditation in this way, to sit in meditation or as Buddhists say - internal observation, which is very suitable for his current state."