Meet Brazil's 'Hamilton of the favelas'

Meet the 'Hamilton of the favelas'

Locator: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Wallace Martins currently drives in the Formula Delta category

He got the nickname because of his similarities

to seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton

SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) FORMULA DELTA RACE DRIVER, WALLACE MARTINS, SAYING: "I am the darkest [skinned racer] in the championship. So I got the nickname 'Hamilton' because they said I look like him (Lewis Hamilton). In addition, I was coming off a run of winning five races in a row. So one or two of them called me that and it stuck and now everyone calls me like that."

The 18-year-old does not mind the comparison

and says one of his dreams is to emulate Hamilton

(SOUNDBITE) (Portuguese) FORMULA DELTA RACE DRIVER, WALLACE MARTINS, SAYING: "I think he is a driver who is very devoted to what he does. He is always training. He wins one race and he is already thinking about winning the next one, so he is clearly devoted to what he does. And then there's his story. He came from a poor neighbourhood, he is Black and is the only Black driver in Formula 1. So there's a lot about his story that is very inspiring."

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