Meek Mill Posts Bail for Several Women Incarcerated in Philadelphia

Meek Mill made his own Christmas miracle come true this year when the rapper paid bail for multiple women currently incarcerated in Philadelphia so that they could spend the holiday season with their families and loved ones.

“For families impacted by the criminal justice system, the holidays can be an extremely challenging time,” Meek Mill said in a statement posted to the Instagram account of non-profit organization Reform Alliance. “No one should have to spend the holidays in jail simply because they can’t afford bail, and no child should be without their parents during this time if we can do something about it.”

The artist, who is also a co-chair for Reform Alliance, an organization that aims to transform probation and parole by changing laws, systems and culture to create real pathways to work and wellbeing, posted bail for several women incarcerated at the Riverside Correctional Facility in Philadelphia.

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According to the organization, five women were released ahead of Christmas and Reform Alliance hopes to “with the goal of 15 more women being released in the coming week.”

Not only was the bail for the women posted, but the women were also gifted a gift card to purchase groceries or gifts for the holidays following their release.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to help these women be with their families and loved ones during this special time of year,” the artist concluded.

Earlier this month, Reform Alliance teamed up with Mill and co-founder and former 76ers owner Michael Rubin to surprise 35 children whose families have been impacted by the criminal justice system at an Eagles training facility. After the kids showed off their fiercest skills, they signed a special one-day contract with the team.