Medics in Poland treat injured border migrants

One of them, admitted to the hospital without a passport - believed to be Iraqi Kurd called Zana, was in bad condition and needed further tests and treatment, said deputy director of the hospital Doctor Arsalan Azzadin.

The two other, 42-year-old Syrian migrant Mansour Nassar and 20-year-old Iraqi Kurd Aland, were “fine”. They were laying on stretchers in one big hospital room, looking tired but okay.

Mansour, father of six from Aleppo, was living with his family in Lebanon. He left some 12 days ago to Belarus and has been in the forest for 5 days.

Mansour and four of his friends were caught in a smuggler’s car in Poland on Thursday night (November 18). He was brought to the hospital, but he doesn’t know where his friends were. He said they were in better condition than him.

Nearby, football player and car designer Aland lied on another stretcher. He said he has been in the forest for about a month and was also caught in a vehicle that picked him up.

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