The ‘Mean Girls’ Cast Reunite for a Walmart Commercial—And It’s Actually Genius

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The Mean Girls couldn’t be bothered to pick up a call from the team behind the upcoming movie musical spinoff coming out this January, but Walmart? Naturally, the Plastics had to appear in a commercial for the big box store. Get in, loser. We’re going to Walmart.

Three of the original four Plastics from Mean Girls reunited to star in Walmart’s big advertisement for the holiday season. Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfriend reprise their roles as Gretchen Weiners and Karen Smith, respectively, with Lindsay Lohan taking front and center as Cady Heron.

“Some things never change,” Lohan narrates in the clip. “On Wednesday’s, we still wear pink.”

A handful of younger popular girls flaunt their hot pink fits from Walmart—in all honesty, they look better than the costumes seen in sneak peeks of the Mean Girls musical teaser. Chabert is now the mom of the popular girls, and cheesily tries to recreate Regina’s line: “Get in, sweetie! We’re going deal shopping.” None for you, Gretchen Weiners.

Speaking of Regina, where is she? Rachel McAdams is not present in this ad. Honestly, that’s pretty true to character. Regina wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmart advertisement, and McAdams was probably too busy filming Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret or one of her many other post-Mean Girls hits to make time for Walmart.

The lack of Regina is made up by the stellar performances from Lohan, Chabert, and especially Seyfried, who steps back into the role of Karen like she were trying on an old pink tee that still fits perfectly. Karen gives a weather report (“There’s a 30 percent chance it’s already Wednesday!”) before she tries to catch a football with her chest.

The Walmart ad manages to condense all of the big moments from Mean Girls into its runtime, from “that’s so fetch” and that gym lecture to appearances from Kevin Gnapoor (Rajiv Surendra) and Damian (Daniel Franzese). This recreation is the perfect example of why we don’t need endless reboots—a simple minute and a half of nostalgic moments is enough to remind us why we love 2000s-era movies.

Because this is an ad for Black Friday deals, naturally, it ends on the infamous “Jingle Bell Rock” scene. Instead of kicking a boombox off the stage, one of the girls slams her toes into a brand new portable speaker sold at Walmart. Clever, clever.

Shockingly so, Walmart has managed to capture the glossiness and the appeal of the original Mean Girls. After seeing the Mean Girls movie musical teaser ahead of The Eras Tourconcert movie, I’m fearful this is the best Mean Girls reboot we’ll get. But Walmart’s not, like, a regular store. It’s a cool store.

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