McDonald’s Worker Seen Drying a Dirty Mop Under the French Fry Warmer: ‘McMop’

McDonald’s Worker Seen Drying a Dirty Mop Under the French Fry Warmer: ‘McMop’

A customer recorded the employee at a McDonald's in Australia while they held a dirty mop above the French fries

A McDonald’s in Australia is feeling the heat after an employee was videotaped using a heat lamp to dry a dirty mop.

Customer Debbie Barakat caught the incident, which took place at a restaurant in Booval, Queensland, on video and later shared her experience online. She recalled the events to Yahoo! News Australia and claimed that the mop had just been used to clean the floors.

"I was just standing waiting for my order when I looked over and heard a staff member say, 'I don’t think you should be doing that as it could be a safety issue as it can catch on fire'," the woman told Yahoo!, adding that the employee allegedly “just laughed it off.” Barakat claimed the workers served the fries moments after.

<p>Debbie Barakat via Storyful</p> A McDonald's worker in Australia dried a mop over the French fries

Debbie Barakat via Storyful

A McDonald's worker in Australia dried a mop over the French fries

The incident took place on April 4 but Barakat waited over six weeks to share the video after seeing more complaints about the restaurant location, she told Yahoo!.

"Something needs to be done as if they are happy to do something like this in front of customers what exactly do they do behind the scenes?" she said.


A McDonald’s Australia spokesperson did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment, but told Yahoo! it was an “isolated incident.”

“McDonald’s takes food safety extremely seriously and follows strict cleaning, sanitization and hygiene procedures in all restaurants,” said the McDonald’s spokesperson. “We have addressed this with the restaurant directly and conducted thorough re-training for all employees on McDonald’s sanitization, hygiene and food safety procedures.”

Social media users were quick to make jokes about the video, according to New York Post. “The old McMop is back! Must be limited time only get in while [they’re] hot," said one commenter.

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Also abroad, customers in Japan were recently left reeling after rat remains were found in sliced bread. According to the BBC, Pasco Shikishima Corporation had to recall 104,000 packs of sliced white bread and issue refunds after black rat parts were found in at least two packs.

Pasco Shikishima Corporation did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for a comment but a representative from the company told NBC News that the bread had been contaminated with a “small black rat.”

It is unclear how the animal remains got into the products.

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