McDonald’s Is Making A Big Change & Customers Aren't Lovin’ It

McDonald’s Is Making A Big Change & Customers Aren't Lovin’ It

It appears that the inevitable is here. Just a few months after McDonald's announced that it would start getting rid of self-serve drink stations, thirsty customers are beginning to notice that the Mickey D's perk is in fact disappearing from restaurants.

As if this wasn't already a major blow, some McDonald's locations are now ditching free refills altogether. A representative for the restaurant confirmed with Business Insider last year that over-the-counter refills would be “at the discretion of individual restaurant owner/operators.”

Although McDonald's has plans to introduce a new $5 value meal and its biggest burger ever, frustrated fans are still struggling with the news of the self-serve drink stations and free refills being taken away.

mcdonalds soda fountain
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For one person on social media, the latest from McDonald's is practically apocalyptic.

"If you were looking for a clear sign of the Apocalypse... here you go," they wrote in a message posted on X. Sounds a little extreme, but we get it.

Some McDonald's diehards have even asked for the government to step in to fix the drink station dilemma.

"This is the one and only time I would seek government intervention. Free refills are the most American thing ever," read one comment.

Overall, fans continue to be frustrated with McDonald's choices regarding pricing and policies.

"The end of fast food is ending right in front of our eyes," one user on X wrote.

"McDonald's is rolling off a cliff... hope it’s a hard thump at the bottom," another person chimed in.

Sounds like McDonald's needs to roll out that new $5 meal deal ASAP!

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