McDonald’s and Crocs collaborate on new Grimace shoes

McDonald’s and Crocs are joining forces to make spicy shoes inspired by the fast-food chain’s animated characters.

In partnership with the notable footwear company, the popular creator of the mouthwatering McFlurry is releasing four limited-edition sandals available on 14 November. The special collection will feature three traditional Crocs alongside slip-ons in the brand’s colour scheme (red and yellow) as well as options made to look like Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie.

“McDonald’s and Crocs are introducing their first-ever collab. Inspired by both Crocs Stars and Mickey D’s loyalists, the collab will drop with a full line of shoes, socks and Jibbitz charms beginning tomorrow in countries around the world,” Crocs announced in its press release, adding that the collection will go live midday.

“From a Classic Clog with a McDonald’s spin to a throwback, limited-edition collection inspired by iconic McDonald’s characters – Grimace, Birdie and Hamburglar – the new shoes are designed to give consumers a way to live out their bold fandom every day,” it continued.

A layer of potent purple fur will line the inside of the Grimace sandals, while the outer rubber straps will feature the footwear brand’s iconic punctured holes to place themed Jibbitz in. Meanwhile, the Birdie design will be adorned with plastic pink bows, her white goggles, and matching insoles. Then, in true Hamburglar fashion, the Crocs will be detailed with black and white strips, popout masked eyes, and yellow soles.

In addition to the McDonald’s emblem – the golden arch – a pack of french fries, a soda cup, a carton of McNuggests, and a Big Mac will be available as Jibbitz add-ons.

Each unique pair will retail between $70 and $75, with optional coordinating socks for $20. The entire collection will be sold at Crocs stores as well as select wholesale locations.

While the McDonald’s and Crocs collaboration is certainly a tasty treat, the humourous line follows the shoe company’s edgy drop a little over a month ago. On 5 October, Crocs fused a Western aesthetic with dark grunge to come up with its very own cowboy boot.

The “foul” shoe was lengthy yet bendable, with two spurs lining the faux leather shaft. Careful stitching and a textured vamp mirrored a classic cowboy boot but was still reminiscent of the brand’s love for funky design.

These $120 boots, made in accordance with “Croctober,” the time of year when the brand releases a new style, riled up fans online, eager customers debating harsh critics over the inventiveness and look of the spongy boots.

“Why...why do I not hate these?” one person questioned, while another said: “Crocs released cowboy boots. That’s enough internet for today.”