MCA Youth urges govt to engage vape industry players

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MCA Youth urges govt to engage vape industry players
MCA Youth urges govt to engage vape industry players

MCA Youth has voiced support for any engagement effort between e-cigarettes industry players and the government towards creating a lasting legislation framework that provides regulation while balancing impact on all stakeholders.

Its spokesperson Ryan Ho Kwok Xheng said while issues pertaining to vape are often contentious, the product's popularity has grown, particularly among the younger generation.

"Some disputed the benefits of vaping while others swear by them.

"The fact remains that vape is a fast-expanding industry that, according to a news report, contributes RM2 billion to the national economy every year," said Ho in a statement today.

Ho also quoted Nanostix Innovation Sdn Bhd director Shahabudeen Jalil's reported remarks that demand for e-cigarettes has supported the opening of over 3,300 businesses and 15,000 jobs.

"As such, MCA Youth believes that it is time for vape-related industry players to be given a platform through the Health Ministry and other relevant ministries to resolve this issue that affects public health, local economy and our younger generations.

"We need to strike an important balance between health and economy to mitigate the impacts on the stakeholders," he said.

Earlier this week, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department announced that the levying of excise duty on e-cigarette and vaporiser liquid and gel has been postponed indefinitely.

Initial proposals to tax vape liquids containing nicotine were reportedly seen as Malaysia's move to regulate instead of ban e-cigarettes.

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