MBAM Urge Government to Allow Construction Industry’s Supply Chain To Operate Again

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With the supply chain critical and essential for construction works, the Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) urged the government to allow the supply chain for the construction industry to operate again.

MBAM President Sufri Mhd Zin said that the critical construction projects allowed to operate during the lockdown face a low stock rate in the supply chain, reported Bernama.

This comes as the construction industry’s supply chain had been disrupted since the start of the full lockdown on 1 June 2021.

“Quarries were not allowed to operate, the supply of building materials such as aggregates had decreased and the few ready-mixed concrete batching plants allowed to operate cannot meet the concrete demand by contractors,” he said as quoted by Bernama.

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Surfri noted that quarry operators were only allowed to supply building materials coming from their existing supply and were barred from conducting blasting and extraction activities.

He added that only 10% of the cement and steel players’ workforce are currently allowed, and these workers are “idling or doing maintenance work, with no actual production operations”.

“The steel and cement players are critical in the supply chain of the construction industry, supplying steel and cement products to critical infrastructure projects like the MRT, LRT3 and ECRL,” he said.

“With nearly one month’s stoppage in production, the supply chain to the above critical projects and other projects will be disrupted.”

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