Maya Rudolph's Beyoncé still can't handle the heat in “SNL”'s “Hot Ones” parody sequel: 'Why can't I slay this?'

Cowboy Carter is back for wings round 2.

Maya Rudolph might officially be the queen of Hot Ones parodies.

Not only did she recently have a meltdown on the spicy wing show as her Loot character Molly Wells, but she has now starred in two Saturday Night Live sketches spoofing it as Beyoncé. And no, the diva's second attempt did not go much better than the first.

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In a sequel to the original 2021 sketch, Rudolph’s Bey is Cowboy Carter–flavored and ready to get down. But why did she bother returning?

"This was the only thing I have attempted that I did not slay,” she tells host Sean Evans (played by Mikey Day).

<p>SNL</p> Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé on 'Saturday Night Live'


Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé on 'Saturday Night Live'

Initially, it seems like the icon has a chance at redemption: She crushes the first wing and coherently answers a question without flinching. But by wing No. 2, the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer has gone cross-eyed and lost her cool.

“Damn, my bones are hot,” she says, fanning herself with the wing as she summons her assistant. “I need you to go on Google and search, ‘Is it possible to take someone’s bones out they body, replace them with bones that aren’t on fire.’”

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The host then moves on to Beyoncé’s next challenge: a nameless sauce whose label is just a picture of a toilet on fire. After a single bite, Rudolph shuts down his next question.

“You need to shut your Charlie Brown–looking ass for a minute, and you need to listen to me,” she demands. “Beyoncé about to do something very human, so I need you to blur my face in 3… 2… 1.”

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Then, with her face blurred, Rudolph’s Bey lets out a huge belch.

Next, she asks Evans to hand over his milk — which she promptly throws in his face.

“You need to kill yourself, Gollum,” she tells him. “That’s what you get for giving the world's baddest bitch swamp-ass on YouTube."

After trying to alleviate the pain by drinking some of her $600 lotion, Beyoncé eventually departs as only the world’s biggest star could: with a little help from the Men in Black neuralyzer.

Watch Rudolph’s Beyoncé fail to slay on Hot Ones in the SNL sketch above.

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