Maya Jama says she’s ‘really, really single’ as she talks Stormzy relationship


Maya Jama has said that she is “really, really single” as she opened up about her past relationship with Stormzy.

The presenter and rapper began dating in 2015 before either of their careers majorly kicked off, then split amicably in 2019.

In an interview ahead of her forthcoming gig as the new host of Love Island, Jama spoke about her experience with the then-unknown rapper.

“We were so young when we met, just beginning our careers,” Jama told The Sunday Times. “I was starting at MTV. He’d not even released a single at that point. We were just little babies.”

Jama said that, as Stormzy’s fame had grown, she’d had to work hard to be known as more than just his girlfriend.

“I’m not naive to the fact that when you are a woman in the industry, most of the things that people want to talk about are your relationships,” she said. “It’s different for men. I’d seen that happen to other people.

“I don’t think either of us knew it was going to be such a big thing. We were just: we’re young and in love and we’re going to go for it and work really hard. We’re just together. We never really did red carpets. We didn’t do any of that stuff.”

In November, the pair were pictured together at the MTV EMAs, leading fans to speculate that they were back together.

Stormzy and Jama in 2017 (Getty Images)
Stormzy and Jama in 2017 (Getty Images)

However, Jama, who recently split from basketball player Ben Simmons, clarified: “I’m really, really single right now. Newly single. It’s only been a month, but it’s nice.”

In November, Stormzy spoke about the couple’s split as he admitted it showed him that he was still “just a boy”.

“I’d never experienced a break-up and the feelings that come with a breakup,” he said

“And I never wanted to ever be in a position again where I felt what I was feeling. Because it showed me that I was a boy. And I do not want to go any further as a boy. I’ve seen how that manifests in other people. And I don’t want to be like that.”

Many fans have theorised that the songs on Stormzy’s recent album This Is What I Mean – particularly the ballad “Firebabe” – are about his relationship and split from Jama.

Love Island returns Monday 16 January at 9pm on ITV2.