'Maximus' the T. rex skull is going up for auction

STORY: This Tyrannosaurus Rex skull

is going on auction in New York

(Cassandra Hatton, Sotheby’s Senior VP)

“This is one of the most complete skulls ever found. It ranks in the top 10, 12 skulls, period. Of the dozen that are in museum collections, this ranks amongst them. By percentage, I would say, between 68 and 70% complete, which is huge.”

The dinosaur is being called ‘Maximus’

and stood 6 feet 7 inches tall

while weighing over 200 pounds

“We know that it was attacked by this parasite because it has two puncture marks in the jaw, which I initially thought were from teeth. But when you look closer, it's actually the result of this parasite, that attacked it. // It's amazing to think that such a massive beast, something so terrible, you know, it was something that would grab its prey and grind it up and eat it whole, could be felled by something invisible.”

Sotheby’s estimates it will sell

for $15 to 20 million