Max is getting some of the best AMC Plus shows — here's what you can stream

 Lennie James as Morgan talks into a walkie talkie on Fear the Walking Dead
Lennie James as Morgan talks into a walkie talkie on Fear the Walking Dead

Max is set to receive a sizeable package of AMC Plus content in an apparent effort to boost interest in both streaming services. The shows heading to the platform formerly known as HBO Max include the entire seven-season run of Fear the Walking Dead and as well as the complete Killing Eve among other well-received picks.

Starting September 1, a pretty sizeable collection of AMC Plus content begins streaming on Max.

The Walking Dead spin-off series and the multi-award-winning spy drama are the most noteworthy highlights coming to the service. Other shows confirmed to be heading to Max are Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire, Dark Winds, Gangs of London, Ride with Norman Reedus and A Discovery of Witches.

Fear The Walking Dead wrapped up its seventh and final season earlier this year, and explores the zombie outbreak from the flagship series The Walking Dead from a new perspective and new location, Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Killing Eve is a thriller that follows the eponymous Eve (Sandra Oh) in her attempts to track down a psychopathic assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Over the course of the show’s four seasons, the two start as adversaries but soon develop a strange connection and eventually obsession with each other.

Don’t overlook Gangs of London, either. This explosive action-drama comes from Gareth Evans the director of The Raid movies, and explores the seedy underbelly of England’s iconic capital city. It offers brutal action and plenty of criminal intrigue.

Winds of change

Dark Winds
Dark Winds

Dark Winds is also worth checking out if you’re a Max subscriber. This thriller series centers on an investigation into a bank robbery that is linked to the murder of two Native residents on a reservation near Monument Valley. Its second season is currently airing on AMC Plus and is set to wrap up in early September. For now, only the first season will hit Max.

These shows will be grouped together on Max under a new category called “AMC Plus Picks” and will be available on both the ad-free and the ad-supported tiers of the Warner Bros.-owned streaming service. Even better, all these shows will be streaming completely ad-free regardless of which Max tier you’re subscribed to. That’s welcome news indeed.

Unfortunately, in less pleasant news, these AMC shows will only be available on Max for a period of 60 days. After October 31, they will be delisted and return to streaming exclusively on AMC Plus. Nevertheless, two months is definitely enough time to binge the likes of Killing Eve and Gangs of London.

However, watching all 107 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead in said time window will be a tougher task... unless you want to turn into a zombie yourself by forgoing sleep for several days in a row.

This cross-promotion seems like an attempt to prompt AMC Plus, while also boasting the amount of content available on Max for a limited time. It’s a win-win for both services.

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