Max Caulfield Returns In New Life Is Strange Game

Screenshot: Deck Nine Games
Screenshot: Deck Nine Games

The Life Is Strange games have typically changed main characters with each entry, but that will change with Life Is Strange: Double Exposure. The fifth game in the adventure series will focus on a grown-up version of Max Caulfield, the time-reversing teenager from the first game back in 2015.

The game debuted at the June Xbox Showcase, and showed a grown-up Max who has sworn to never use her super power to rewind time again. That all changes when she finds her friend Safi dead. She then realizes that she’s able to jump between her reality and a parallel timeline in which Safi is still alive. She hopes to use this newfound ability to solve her friend’s murder. Check out the trailer below.

Life Is Strange: Double Exposure will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on October 29. What remains to be seen is what Life Is Strange ending the game will take place after. At the end of the first game, Max makes a decision to either sacrifice her friend/possible girlfriend Chloe or the entire town of Arcadia Bay. Her life obviously goes one of two very different directions by the end of the game depending on what you choose to do, so it’s unclear if Double Exposure will take place after one or the other. In theory, it could use this parallel timeline power to play with both possibilities. Life Is Strange 2 had you answer which ending you picked at the beginning and a few story details were different depending. So maybe Double Exposure will go that route.

Double Exposure is the third Life Is Strange game from Deck Nine Games, which reportedly has beendealing with a lot of strife working on the franchise both from internal and external factors.

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