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Anything you can spill about FBI? –Saf
Our Kim Roots chatted with Zeeko Zaki, Missy Peregrym and Alana de la Garza on the red carpet for SVU‘s Season 25 celebration, and Zaki said that FBI‘s Season 6 premiere (airing Feb. 13) involves “a close-to-the-chest case where you get to see sort of a different team out in the field, a different dynamic. Hopefully it works out — we’ll see if it does!” Peregrym added that, given the events of the latest finale — and with Shantel VanSeaten’s Nina now relocated to FBI: Most Wanted — “We’re going to see where Scola is at with Nina and the baby, which is a whole thing!”

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Will we get to see more of Kevin Kane on SVU? I know they’re running a little thin on female detectives and I hope that changes, but Bruno was easily the best of the new bunch last season and a scene stealer. –Dave
As seen in the promo now making rounds, “He’s back,” Kane confirmed at the show’s 25th-anniversary fete. “He gets to show up and not be there for the money and do what’s right.” As for how much Det. Terry Bruno will appear, Kane said he had already filmed “a few” Season 25 episodes thus far.

I still can’t believe after six months of leaving us in limbo, ABC axed The Rookie: Feds. Can we at least know if the characters will reappear in the upcoming season of The Rookie, to at least wrap their story up? –Shon
In the case of at least rookie fed Simone Clark herself, there is no plan at this time to catch up with that character. “[The Rookie: Feds] was one of my favorite jobs because it was one of my favorite casts I’ve ever worked with. But no I don’t think there are plans for that that I know of,” the short-lived spinoff’s front woman, Niecy Nash, shared backstage at the Emmys after grabbing gold. Instead, “I am living in the moment” as an Emmy winner, she said. “So that’s where I’m at.”

Any solid romantic prospects for NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Tennant this season after Season 2’s slim pickings of 1) a Navy captain who never calls, 2) the charming guy who ends up with a bullet in his head and 3) the disturbing dentist? –L.C.
I will say that the groundwork for a potential future coffee date with a certain someone is laid in the Season 3 opener….

I can’t get enough of NCIS: Hawaii‘s Kate and Lucy! What’s on the horizon for our beloved #Kacy?  –Rachel
What’s on the horizon is a bit of playful jealousy… that Lucy is feeling about Kate’s deepening friendship with Kai. (It’s a recurring bit in the Feb. 12 season opener that is very fun, and very funny.)

Is ABC going to air Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building? I can’t get Hulu, and while I know I can use a VPN, which I have on all the time, I feel like that is cheating. I’m also not going to get Disney+ for one show. I have enough streaming services as it is! –Margie
No decisions have been made about ABC also airing Season 2, so for now, Only Murders‘ broadcast-TV freebies will wrap up the final three episodes of Season 1, this Tuesday, Jan. 23.

Any chance any of the cast of Magnum P.I. could end up on NCIS: Hawai’i? I could easily see Zach Knighton’s Rick as the owner of La Mariana showing up, and Tim Kang’s Katsumoto helping them to solve cases…. –Elaine
Having already pitched such an idea to Zach, I asked showrunner Eric Guggenheim that very question, but as he explained, “UTV [Universal Television] would have to have to sign off on any Magnum characters appearing on a series that’s fully owned by CBS.” In the case of Larry Manetti’s crossover from Five-0 to Magnum, for example, Guggenheim said, “CBS owns that character [Nicky] and they were cool with allowing us to continue using him even after the show got moved to NBC.”

Any update on when the Anansi Boys series will premiere on Prime Video? –Sam
There is no semblance of a premiere date yet, though I am assured that it is still happening!

I’ve recently binged The Ark on Peacock and was wondering if there’s any update on Season 2? –Bonnie
Season 2, ordered back in April, is definitely on track for a 2024 premiere.

What is coming up for Chicago Med‘s Hannah? –Liz
Our gal is single and ready to mingle! “She’s dating. She has some very bad dates,” co-showrunner Diane Frolov previews. How bad, you ask? Well, they “will come back to the hospital,” adds co-showrunner Andrew Schneider. In related news, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Greek alum Scott Michael Foster will guest-star in Episode 3 as Kyle, someone that Hannah meets on a dating app.

Any chance of CBS showing more U.K. Ghosts in the future? —Heather
There’s always a chance, but as of right now — with the network weaving in more SEAL Team reruns and So Help Me Todd catch-up episodes these next few Thursday nights — there is no more Ghosts UK to be broadcast.

Has Amazon’s Making the Cut been cancelled? –Logan
I asked around, and there is no news on either front re: that show.

What are we in for with Chicago Fire’s Stellaride this season? –Maika
As suggested by the season opener, “They have a little bit of a journey to go on to get through” their trust issues, showrunner Andrea Newman says. “It’s not a tiny thing. It’s a real issue between them, so all is not perfect. It’s definitely going to be a little bumpy for them. But they, also, are magnets to each other. They can’t stay away. So they have a little work to do to… put this behind them and move on. And we’ll see them working through that at the beginning of the season.”

Please let me know when The Night Agent Season 2 is coming to Netflix. —Theresa
Filming only began this week, in Thailand to be followed by some location work in New York, so… it’s gonna be a while ’til that Season 2 binge drop lands.

Please tell me the second seasons of the Australian and UK versions of The Traitors will be available to stream on Peacock! The first seasons of both were so much better than the U.S. version and while I love me some Alan Cumming, I hate the idea of an all-reality “star” season. Give me some normal people, dammit! –Brian
I asked around for you, Brian, but there is nothing to report at this time.

Any updates for Season 3 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds? –Christopher 
For one, Strange New Worlds co-showrunner Akiva Goldsman assured TVLine at the Critics Choice Awards, “You’ll definitely see more of Scotty,” the resourceful lieutenant/future chief engineer who unexpectedly popped up in the Season 2 finale, played by Martin Quinn.

Any scoop on the Girls on the Bus series that’s supposed to premiere on Max hopefully sometime this year? –Min
There is no news yet. But maybe soon?

Is there any word about The CW airing subsequent seasons of The Spencer Sisters or Sullivan’s Crossing? –Bernadette
Season 2 of Sullivan’s Crossing is already a go, as announced by The CW back in June. But The Spencer Sisters, which bowed almost a year ago up in Canada, has yet to be renewed by anyone.

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