Matt Hancock interrogated in underpants by ‘Liz Truss lookalike’ on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins

Matt Hancock will be interrogated by a “Liz Truss lookalike” on Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins on Channel 4.

In a clip seen by The Independent, the former health secretary is dressed only in his underpants while being called a “sarcastic little f***er” by the interrogator.

The penultimate episode of the show sees Hancock, Gareth Gates, Danielle Lloyd, Teddy Soares Amber Turner and Perri Shakes-Drayton face two final tasks before they are interrogated by a specialist team in the “resistance to interrogation” phase of the course.

Hancock is asked to strip down to his pants by a “Liz Truss lookalike” interrogator who tells him: “Stand up. You’re a f***ing man, aren’t you, you’re a man that likes to put it about a bit, stay on your feet.

“I’ll tell you something that’s really fascinating me. Really fascinating me, because with all due respect, you’re not a good looking guy, are you?

“Pubes on your chest, moobs. So how do you do it? Matty babe. Huh?”

When he doesn’t respond, she continues, “Oh, you’re not talking now? Now you don’t wanna talk about it, do you?”

Matt responds: “You haven’t asked me a question.”

Unhappy with his response, the interrogator continues, “Oh, you sarcastic little f***er. Mr f***ing talkative. Mr f***ing know-it-all, Mr f***ing wants to talk and talk and talk and talk about what he wants to talk about, doesn’t want to talk about this. That is b******s.”

Hancock doing jungle navigation with his fellow contestants (Channel 4)
Hancock doing jungle navigation with his fellow contestants (Channel 4)

In another scene, Hancock tells former UK Special Forces soldier Jason Fox that he feels “a sense of injustice” for how he was treated after his work during the pandemic.

“I feel a sense of injustice at being essentially accused of corruption...” he says. “I’ve essentially given my professional life so far in public service, and I know for a fact we did the right thing, and I didn’t benefit a jot from it.”

Independent MP Hancock filmed the series before his controversial stint on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in November 2022, and was paid £45,000 to take part.

Earlier in the series, fans were overjoyed when the former health minister was grilled by former special forces soldiers Fox and Chris Oliver over his handling of the pandemic and his affair with Gina Coladangelo, which broke his own social distancing guidelines.

The penultimate episode of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Sunday 29 October, with the final airing on Sunday 5 November.