Math tutor resigns after telling students ‘I am your daddy’

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A mathematics tutor from the Malaysian MC Plus online tuition platform has resigned after a clip of him insisting that students call him daddy surfaced on social media.

Uzairi Taib, who teaches secondary school students, said on Twitter last night that he has tendered his immediate resignation from the tuition platform after dozens of people online circulated a clip of him telling the teenagers to refer to him using the sexual slang. The 25-year-old currently being investigated by the tuition company apologized for what was initially thought to be a “casual joke.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I truly apologize for saying the wrong words,” he wrote in his tweet.

The widely-viewed clip shows Uzairi conducting a lesson on Zoom when he responded to a student’s remark about his or her father being a teacher too.

“Daddy and father are different. I am your ‘daddy,’ but your father is the one who was with you since birth,” he said in the leaked video. It’s not clear when the lesson took place.

The company issued a statement around midnight today, thanking social media users for their concern.

“Our team takes the issue seriously and investigation is underway,” it said.

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