Maternity hospital patients shaken after Russian attack

STORY: Russian forces fired dozens of missiles into the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine Wednesday. The Ukrainian military said the targets included this maternity hospital, where new mothers scrambled for shelter against the attack.

NEW MOTHER, OLHA PRYSIDKO: "There was an abrupt explosion, I grabbed what I had at reach, the blanket, anything I could see. And quickly ran to the corridor. The windows and glass started to shatter. I saw all the doctors were already in the corridor. They started gathering the girls and go to the basement and hide. When we came to the basement, the shelling wasn't over. Not for a minute."

Moscow denies targeting civilians. Russian forces retreated from Kherson last month in one of Ukraine's most significant gains of the war. But joy over the city's liberation has turned to fear amid relentless Russian shelling, forcing many to flee.

While in the eastern province of Donetsk, fierce fighting has the Ukrainian-held city of Bakhmut in ruins, and nearly abandoned.

73-YEARS-OLD BAKHMUT CITIZEN, PILAHEIA: "The owners left and gave me the keys. They left their chickens, their dog and a cat. No one will look after them anymore because I'm leaving as well. Back then I told them 'alright, give me the keys and I'll look after your house.' Where should they've brought them?"

Eleven months into the war, there are no signs the sides are anywhere near talks aimed at ending it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is pushing a 10-point peace plan that includes Russia fully respecting Ukraine's territorial integrity and pulling out all its troops.

But the Kremlin on Wednesday rejected the plan, insisting Kyiv must accept Russia's wartime annexation of four Ukrainian regions.