Meanwhile, Maszlee said that even though the ministry had achieved various successes in the 20 months since Pakatan Harapan took over the country's administration, more attention was given to controversial issues like the teaching of the Jawi script, Internet in schools and the free breakfast programme.

He said the ministry was often the target of the media and certain groups and politicians who raised sensational issues instead of the achievements made by the ministry.

"What happened in these 20 months could not be achieved in the years before. The changes in this period were so significant and beautiful for us to share.

“But unfortunately, they did not get the attention for news headlines. Many sensational headlines grabbed attention; sensitive issues that were deliberately played up were the main choice,” he said.

Maszlee had earlier highlighted the achievements of the ministry under his watch, among them that 90 per cent of the project to rehabilitate dilapidated schools was completed ahead of schedule with the progress displayed transparently on the ministry's website, the zero dropout policy for undocumented children, reducing the workload of teachers and anti-corruption measures.

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The press conference, which was also attended by his deputy Teo Nie Ching, received widespread media coverage following rumours swirling around hours before that that Maszlee would be quitting as Education Minister.

Immediately after the press conference, Maszlee was seen in tears and left the ministry's compound driving his own car, a Perodua Myvi.



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