Massive three-metre long python stuck in pipe at Indonesian family home

A three-metre long python hiding in a water pipe was found by a resident in East Jakarta, Indonesia.

Fire department officer Renggo Widianto said they managed to catch the snake in the kitchen struggling to flee into a dirty water pipeline in the Cipayung district.

He said: "The location of the settlement and the place where the snake was found is near a trench, where snakes are known to live."

Renggo made sure the snake that was caught was a wild animal and not a pet snake that might have run away from its owner.

Officers had difficulty retrieving the reptile because it hid in a small space so they were forced to cut parts of the pipe.

Renggo added that the python was thought to often prey on chickens. Near the snake discovery site, there is a business of broiler chickens owned by residents.

He said: "Broiler chicken business owners often lose their chickens here."

The footage was captured on June 24.