Massive India sea rescue saves 300, many missing

Hundreds of people have been saved in a massive ocean search and rescue operation off the coast of Mumbai, after the historic cyclone that's been ravaging the region sank a barge full of oil rig workers. It also cast another vessel adrift and stranded others at a lighthouse island.

India's navy says it's been battling waves running up to 25 feet high.

As of Tuesday (May 18) afternoon everyone had been saved from the adrift vessel, 137 people, but scores were still missing from the one that had sunk.

This man was one of the lucky ones. He says everyone on his ship had lost hope, the engine room filled with water and they were bailing through the night.

His coworker, here, says they were staring at death. He's questioning why the vessel was kept at sea when the cyclone was so strong.

It's the heaviest storm to hit the region in over 20 years.

The company that owns at least one of the two vessels, called Afcons Infrastructure Limited, didn't immediately respond to comment.

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