Massive Hailstones Pelt Homes in Southern Texas

Massive hailstones battered homes during a severe thunderstorm in Brackettville, Texas, on April 28.

Karen Mann recorded this footage of the intense hailstorm and told Storyful she had never seen hail like it before.

“The hail was varied in size and shape,” she said. “It was very scary with the high winds and the loud hail. My yard looked like it was snowing.”

Mann told Storyful she has roof damage, paint damage on her shed, and damage to her pool deck.

“The hail came in four different cells that were all just minutes apart,” she said. “We were lucky not to have any tornados. I was standing on my back porch filming this to send to my family back in North Texas.”

The National Weather Service said that lime size hail was possible during the storm. Credit: Karen Mann via Storyful