Massachusetts Firefighters Rescue Girl Whose Hand Got Stuck in Shopping Cart

Teenager Olivia Harol’s December 8 shopping trip in Canton, Massachusetts, took an unexpected turn when one of her hands got stuck in a shopping cart at Marshall’s.

“I looked at the shopping cart and wondered if my fingers would fit and they slipped in. Then they wouldn’t come out so I rolled the cart to a chair and sat down for 15 minutes trying to get them unstuck,” she told Storyful.

Harol recorded a video of the incident, from the moment she knew her fingers were stuck to the eventual freeing of her hand.

Harol’s friends went to get help from store employees, who rubbed petroleum jelly and ice on Harol’s fingers in an attempt to free them from the cart, but nothing would work.

The employees then called local firefighters, who arrived within minutes to free Harol’s fingers with the help of a reciprocating saw and other tools.

“All in all, I was stuck in the cart for an hour,” she told Storyful. Credit: Olivia Harol via Storyful