Massachusetts Farmers Look Tiny Next to Their Gigantic Ox

Tommy, a Massachusetts ox, has become a TikTok sensation, garnering millions of views for one very good reason: he’s absolutely gigantic.

In footage from Laurie Cuevas, 12-year-old Tommy, who weighs an estimated 3,000 pounds, is shown next to her 78-year-old father, who is dwarfed in comparison.

Cuevas told Storyful that Tommy is a purebred Brown Swiss ox, and that they have had him since he was just two days old.

“He is over 6ft at his shoulder and his hip. His only job is to keep my 78-year-old dad young and happy and he takes his job quite seriously,” Cuevas said.

She described Tommy as “a special member of the family” who is “kind and compassionate.” Credit: Laurie Cuevas via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh, he's not happy.


- He's like, what are we doing? Oh yeah. That's better. You need your rake. Look at that. Good boy.

- That's it.

- Here comes your dog. He's coming with you.

- I don't have any more apples.


- I don't have any either. No.


He licked me. You ate all the apples, buddy.

- That's it.

- That's it. Did you hear that? Scratch. Scratch. Oh.


Oh my God, he's tall. Oh. Get it, Elephant. Get it. Get it. There's one up there, I see it. Kind of makes me feel small. Such a good boy.